Website Design and Development

When it comes to website design, there is much more to it than meets the eye - literally. A great website design is only good if it actually gets seen, and when it comes to search engine optimization, or SEO, Kii Media Group understands what it takes to be search-engine saavy. We know the do's and dont's of web design that will help your website rank well with search engines. Award winning website design and the know-how to get it noticed - Kii Media offers the best of both worlds.

Graphic Design and Print Media

An effective message will go beyond announcing services and more into what the company has to offer to the client…and more specifically how the client will benefit from these services. This is called benefit-oriented marketing and it is almost always overlooked. Kii Media Group will help you develop a message and image that commands attention and promotes tangible benefits to your target audience in a style that significantly increases your lead generation.

Creative Services and Commercial Illustration

Illustration provides the ability to communicate feelings, attitudes and an atmosphere using images. Our professional illustrators work closely with our clients from conception through to completion to ensure complete satisfaction. Allowing us to deliver the best possible product effectively and efficiently. Offering a streamlined process for creation, revision and approval we are able to provide clients with various drafts of the final illustrations efficiently.

Multimedia Development

Make your website stand out from the crowd and really engage your visitors by integrating multimedia elements such as animation, video and audio. Multimedia can take your website to the next level and entice visitors to spend longer on your website that will result in the ultimate goal: turning visitors to customers.